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What is the scope of a keyword search and how do you define it?

This indicator shows how many times a month people in a given country search by your target keyword.

In the Google Keyword Scheduler (which is the main source of this data), they call it "Average number of queries per month".

The first thing you need to understand about the extent of your search is that it refers to the number of "searches," not the number of "people. This means that you and we could do a hundred queries on "seo sites", which can result in 200 queries generated by only two people.

Here is another important but often overlooked part of the definition: "average".

You see, for many search queries, the "search demand" is not agreed upon within a year.

Take, for example, the keyword "Christmas Gifts", which every year sees a huge surge in search demand, and then decreases in January.

How many monthly searches do you expect to see on the keyword "Christmas gifts"?

Number of searches in December or June?

What you get from most SEO tools is the average number of monthly searches over the last 12-24 months. In the case of "Christmas gifts", this only misleads people about the real search query for this topic.

Please also note that the search volume ALWAYS depends on the location.

Most of the default keyword research tools show the default search volume for the United States. However, you can find out how many searches are performed in Russia, the UK, Australia, Canada or any other country. Or maybe you want to know the global search volume (sum of searches by all countries)?

Another tool that is more accurate in Russia is the Yandex Wardstat. Yandex has a better understanding of the Russian language, the tool, like Google, offers options for using a keyword and the number of queries for it. Moreover, it has created right and left columns. In the right we see variants of a keyword, and in the left Yandex are similar to it.

What does this mean for SEO?

Looking at the traffic volume of a keyword provides information about which words are best used in articles on pages, including headings. All this is done so that as many users as possible can find your site by keyword.

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