SEO and SEO. There are no two alike


The study showed that customers who spend above the average advertising budget for SEO services will be more likely to be satisfied than customers who spend less.

The average amount that US small businesses spend on SEO services is $ 497.16 per month.

According to the study, customers who spent more than $ 500 per month were 53.3% more likely to be “extremely satisfied” than those who spent less than $ 500 per month.

This data is included in the Backlinko survey, which interviewed 1,200 business owners with questions related to the SEO services industry.

The results of the survey on the provision of SEO services

When it comes to finding SEO services, most small business owners rely on referrals, Google searches and online reviews.

Nearly 75% of business owners say that the reputation of an SEO provider is “very” or “extremely” important when deciding whether to hire them. The location of the service provider is also an important factor.

The greatest expectation of business owners from SEO service providers is to help them attract new customers and, in turn, make more money.

Business owners also expect SEO service providers to help increase brand awareness.

Apparently, most optimizers do not meet expectations, as only 30% of business owners recommend their current service providers.

However, clients working with agencies reported that they were more satisfied than clients working with freelancers.

Dissatisfaction with the results is the main reason why customers move away from their SEO service provider. Poor customer service and non-responsiveness were the number two cause.

As a result of all this dissatisfaction, the “turnover” for optimizers is high. More than half of the clients surveyed say they have worked with several service providers.

Findings for SEO

SEO specialists are obliged not only to be able to competently and efficiently provide services for the promotion of the client’s product, but also not to forget about the service, good relationships and constant communication with the client.

Conclusions for customers

It will be much safer for the client for his finances and future brand to enter into long-term relationships with trusted agencies, and not freelancers, who, as a rule, have much less responsibility for the business. In addition, it is necessary to correctly allocate the budget for all channels of promotion and not deprive such important as SEO.

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