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We constantly monitor Google Ads accounts for statistically significant patterns. When something appears, we offer an improvement supported by real data.

Google Ads expands the distribution of advertising applications, which will now appear more frequently on iOS devices.

Starting this month, ads for apps will be displayed for additional searches in iOS mobile browsers.

Application announcements are shown when an application is available that can assist users with their request. For example, when searching for a local restaurant, a food delivery application ad may appear.

In addition to mobile search results, app ads also appear on Google Play, YouTube, and over three million sites and apps on the Google Network.

To help advertisers measure the impact of this change, application reports and conversion events from iOS browsers will be included in the campaign report.

Advertisers do not need to take any action to access this new tool. Existing application campaigns automatically include new data in the Conversion column.

Google, however, encourages advertisers to control their bids and budgets. As these changes develop, there may be fluctuations in performance.

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