On what sites it is better to buy or amicably move to HTTPS!

On what sites it is better to buy or amicably move to HTTPS

Seo - site optimization - is a multifaceted work with the site, which includes adapting to new search ranking algorithms. This happened with the HTTP protocol, it did not become relevant, as HTTPS appeared.

For Dummies: The HTTPS protocol is secure and can be seen at the very beginning of the site address. Here's how: https://futureinapps.com

Why is this protocol beautiful and why should I switch to HTTPS?

  • Protection for site owners and users

As we have already said, this is a secure encrypted protocol that does not allow third-party services to be implemented on your site and use the data left by your customers in their fraudulent schemes. "Shared" site visitors perfectly understand this and trust the resources on HTTPS, especially for shopping sites where users enter bank card data and even passport data.

As they say, insuring yourself is an important matter, especially when there were precedents in our country when bailiffs came to people who never took loans.

  • SEO - Optimization

It's no secret that HTTPS-protected sites are more ranked in search engines. In Google - definitely, and Yandex said that you need to switch to HTTPS.

There are also minuses to the protocol change

Several years ago, site owners who switched from HTTP to HTTPS complained about a significant loss of search traffic. However, this was, perhaps, because of an incorrect procedure for changing the protocol.

A prolonged and incorrect transition, indeed, can affect traffic. But to date, experts, developers of sites using special algorithms can bypass all obstacles in order to keep traffic the same.

Definitely on HTTPS you need to go. This is the way to ensure the security of these customers and another way to increase the credibility of your resource, and thus increase the conversion. However, changing the protocol is not at all necessary for sites that are not ecommerce projects.

I want to consult specialists!

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