My dream site


Have you ever thought about a site that you will like first of all? You do not like what he sells, not even that he has high quoting on the Internet. No! You just like it!

 You enter it and feel yourself the master of your possessions, your empire, since the site reflects your life path and achievements, your lifestyle, your thoughts. And this is not just a page in social networks, which is annoying because of the framework imposed on your imagination!

 Personal site is not a pleasure for everyone. As they say, you need to grow up mentally. Nevertheless, the representation of one's personality today does not end with Instagram, which also imposes a "square" framework on everything. The manual work site will help get rid of the “square” thinking and open up in a new way.

 What good are these sites? First and foremost is freedom! Freedom in choosing the position of any button, page, form on the site, any format of photos and videos, any built-in services, 3-D graphics, pop-up windows that do not ask for anything to fill, but only want a good day - everything is in the hands of Futureinapps programmers!


 What is a personal website for?


 1. “Because I can” is a pretentious statement of people who want to show their capabilities and strength. Why not? If, indeed, you can.

 2. For the sake of PR. PR is needed for various reasons, but basically - further monetization of the promoted person, that is, myself. There are many such examples in our world among celebrities.

 3. People write diaries and memoirs, so that descendants have something to remember. A website is a replacement for all diaries. There you can place a biography, all photos, a family tree, achievements, your own and creativity.


 Personal site for a public person


 Separately, you can distinguish the creation of a personal site for a movie star, music, sports or business. To such people from the public there is always close attention and it is important to concentrate this attention on a resource that will completely satisfy this thirst for knowledge!

  Resource can be filled:

  •   Photos and videos

  •  Biography star

  •  Poster

  •  News

  •  Photo and video reports from events

  •  A form for communication with the press and fans


 The personal site should fully embody the identity of the client, have his character and style.

Only hand-made sites are able to translate into reality all your dreams of a personal website.

Futureinapps develops websites handmade without using templates.

They trust us: “Sberbank”, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian America TV, “Pir and Par”, Hilton.

Calculate the cost!

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