Likbez by terms of internal SEO optimization

Likbez on the basic terms of seo optimization from the company Futureinapps

SEO (search engine optimization) - actions that lead to an improvement in the site's position in organic search.

Indexing is a process of search engines that collects, analyzes and stores meta data of web resources.

In order for Google and Yandex to learn about the existence of your site and index it, you must add your resource to Google Search Console and Yandex.Webmaster. This trivial action will speed up the indexing of the resource by search engines.

Meta tags are a set of HTML tags that describe various aspects of the content of a web page. This information is used by the search engines to index the pages of the site.

The most important meta tags for search engines:

  1. keywords - list of words or phrases relevant to the content of the page
  2. description - short description of the essence of the page (1-2 sentences), which also contains relevant words or phrases
  3. title

Alt(alternative) text of images/links has the following purposes:

  1. for people with visual impairment who use screen readers. When you find an image / link, these devices will read the alt attribute so that the person can understand what the essence is;
  2. If the image file can not be loaded, the value of the alt attribute will be displayed instead;
  3. Description of the image / links for search engines, which allows them to be correctly indexed.

Markup Schema.org designed to structure data that helps search engines understand the information on the page and provide a more detailed search result.

Robots.txt file - file that contains instructions for the search robots (The Robots Exclusion Protocol), which tell him which pages of the site can be visited, and which can not.

Sitemap.xml file - file that tells search engines about the presence of specific pages by specifying in the file links to them. This allows search engines to understand the structure of the website without missing one important page, which can get lost if there is no internal rebuilding on it. 

This article is a small educational program on key definitions that are used in SEO promotion, so we will not go into all aspects of how these files should be properly designed, but you can ask us questions on social networks that will receive the answers .

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