Let's talk about the role of a good photo in the SMM promotion

The role of good photography in SMM promotion

Promotion in social networks - SMM (CMM) promotion, it is impossible to imagine without high-quality photos. This is especially true for companies that want to promote a product that requires visualization. It is for them this article.

Have you noticed that the same product can be shown in different ways? Some want to buy, some - no.

This can be seen from the photos of apartments offered for sale or renting out. So, go to any bulletin board, put up two photos of the same apartment and watch the number of views.

One photo was made as it is usually done on similar sites, the other - a professional photographer and with processing.

Everything matters - angle, processing, and, of course, eliminating unnecessary objects!

In a week we notice that the photo on the right is gaining more views and responses.

Do you know that those photos that delight us - merit handlers equally with the photographer?