I do not need an internet marketer, I can do it myself!

Promotion in Google and Yandex Search Engines

In the age of it-education, many beginning entrepreneurs, using Yandex's tips, decide to set up their first advertising campaigns and ... merge the budget.

Setting up Yandex. Direct - not such an easy task, as it seems, and like, as everywhere, has its own nuances. These nuances are very many and it is they who complicate the task so much that a layman can not cope with it.

It would seem that you compose an advertisement, copy the main key requests from Yandex Wordstat, or even simply - when you design, the system will prompt the words, and go!

But let's imagine how many Yandex advertisers with different budgets are on the market of advertising? Whom will Yandex choose with all other things being equal? Of course, advertising companies with large budgets!