How to write a technical task for website development? How is TK different from a brief?


You can download the sample brief for the development and creation of the site here.

A example of the terms of reference for the development of the site here.

And we will begin to analyze what the terms of reference for creating a site are and why it is simply necessary for both the customer and the site developer.

Futureinapps has been on the website development market for many years and at the very beginning of its journey often faced a problem of misunderstanding between technical specialists who program sites in Kazan and customers who look at development as ordinary users - they could not convey what they want up developers. As a result, the creation of the site was delayed due to constant improvements.

Let's explain how this happened. That is, how to take a website into development incorrectly.

The customer wants the site, he transfers it orally or in the contract in general terms, sometimes referring to competitors as a sample. A programmer armed with such a meager set of instructions makes site prototypes that look like a competitor’s site. Then it turns out that the customer implied that his site should be better and there had to be added a function that the competitor does not have, for example, a bot that instantly responds to customer messages or a special payment system from the site. The developer hears about this for the first time and it’s good that he created only prototypes that can be changed, and if he has already managed to create a site with certain functionality that does not imply too much change.

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Website development. What should be the architecture of the site?

Modern development methods based on modularity often allow you to "finish" the site later. But development is not a single algorithm for everyone, otherwise preschoolers could create websites.

So, in order for the programmer to understand which site to develop for him, it is necessary to draw up a Terms of Reference. It, as a rule, is compiled by the developing company, as it is filled with technical terms that the customer may not be aware of.

The visual design of the site is usually not indicated in the terms of reference, because it is a purely subjective thing, and what one person likes may not be liked by another. You can enter required colors in the Terms of Reference, for example, company colors, shapes, logo. Everything else is agreed with the client by providing layouts of the site’s pages for approval.

Before compiling this terms of reference, an example of which, you can see here, you need to fill out a brief. This is exactly what the customer does. There he describes in detail as much as possible all his wishes regarding the future site. See an example of a brief on site development at the link: Creating a brief on a site.

It is important to help the customer of the site in this matter, because only the developer can direct him to certain thoughts about the site. For example, whether it is necessary to provide access to the admin panel, to optimize the site for search engines. To do this, the customer needs to explain how the admin panel works and what SEO optimization and promotion means.

We hope that this article will be useful for those people who want to order a site, and developers.

Futureinapps always meets its customers. We will help to understand all the stages of creating sites for business! And also we will develop a site from scratch with the possibility of its subsequent "tuning"!

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