How to use Instagram stories in your sales funnel

How to use Instagram stories in your sales funnel

Want to turn Instagram followers into customers? In this article, you will learn how to use Instagram stories to attract and direct people to your sales funnel.

Stories are best used to target followers who are “in the middle of a sale,” not new users unfamiliar with your brand. Stories invites users who are already following you to more closely view and interact with your content.

You can publish new stories daily or even several times a day.

As a rule, this is an acceptable marketing strategy for brands - to publish constant and frequent stories for their subscribers so that they can see them throughout the day, increasing awareness and encouraging people to “swipe” the links.

When creating stories, your content must be convincing enough for subscribers to watch it to the end. Your audience will remember stories that evoke emotions or share important, easily digestible information.

For example, stories with tips and tricks are more responsive.

They are most effective when you use clear, simple messages and examples. Your subscribers are more likely to watch this story, rather than one with too much text and a detailed description of the process.

Educational stories work well, but remember that people don’t want to give lectures!

For example, Royal Canin, a pet food company, did a project called “Take the Dog to Work,” which talked about animals in the workplace. And it was not just direct advertising, but native, which gives a greater response to the target audience.

Customers can discover new ways to use your products or services, which brings them closer to the next step - the purchase.

Remember to keep an eye on the overall picture of your followers engaging in your stories.

There are several ways to do this:

  1. If you have the opportunity, conduct an online webinar at the launch of a new product or service. Advertise this webinar in your stories and keep track of how many subscribers and viewers will attend.
  2. You can also create a landing page that will be linked to in stories and track the conversion with it.

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