How to promote a mobile application through contextual advertising? Life hacking


Contextual advertising is a relevant ad, an ad that is shown on the Internet.

And now imagine that the user for some reason clogs the "mobile application name." It is clear that this person already knows what application he is looking for and specifically wants to learn more about it before downloading on the App Store or Google Play.

But what about a new mobile application?

Indeed, the user does not even know about the existence of your mobile application, so he will not search for it on the search.


Contextual advertising in the promotion of mobile applications should have an original goal - not downloading applications, as well as PR.

The advertisement is aimed more at ensuring that the name of the application is remembered by the user. Therefore, for applications, you need a page in the network with a description and funnel of sales.

Key words, which contain not direct, but thematic and semi-thematic queries, will become an ideal base for contextual advertising both in search and in the RSA and GDN.

Let us examine an example.

There are a lot of applications for editing photos. How to stand out for you? First of all, as in preparing for an advertising campaign for anyone, it is necessary to allocate your "chip" - something that you favorably differ from other similar applications, and in the text of the advertisement it is necessary to emphasize it in every possible way.

What key people use for contextual advertising on search? Thematic. On the RSA and GDN - thematic and okolotematicheskie. For example, "application photo editor" and "photo editor on the computer".

Seeing in the text of the announcement or on the picture of the RSA and the GDN of your USP, the user will surely remember the application, even if he can not immediately download it to the phone.

Next - on the rolled-up - we collect clicks on the ad and we do retargeting, in which the goal is to download applications. Since the application we have is mobile, then it's worthwhile to show ads on mobile devices, so that there is no time between downloading solutions and searching for a stuck phone. In addition, ads can run immediately in the App Store or Google Play, which is more convenient for mobile users.

If your mobile application is mediocre and can not differ from anything else, then it can also be promoted, but this is a completely different story.


To promote the mobile application went on perfectly - initially order it from companies involved in the development and promotion of their product, such as Futureinapps.

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