How to increase links without spam?


Link building remains one of the most effective tactics of digital marketing, and not just for higher ratings (although links still remain the main factor in organic ranking). Links lead to links and generate potential customers, making your website less dependent on search and advertising traffic.

But how do you create links nowadays, now that the use of most link building services is frowned upon by Google and may lead to loss of visibility in the search?

Here is what we know for sure:

• Link creation cannot be scaled

• Creating links is not easy and fast

A new approach to link building combines all types of marketing assets and processes, including content marketing, relationship building, and coverage of opinion leaders.

Link Acquisition Campaign Goals

For your campaign, you want to achieve the following:

• You want this asset to bring links

• You want this resource to be ranked (because high-ranking content continues to bring links organically, as most authors / bloggers search Google for sources that can be referenced)

What non-spam unscaled link building methods do we know?

• Research and create good content (i.e. content that attracts backlinks)

• Ego-baiting: the inclusion of influential people in your content so that they can later refer to published content, as well as attract more links

• Building relationships with journalists and bloggers in social networks for better acquaintance with the brand and, therefore, for a higher level of response

• Replacing broken links to yours (i.e., referring to the owners of thematic websites that link to broken pages where you can suggest to link to your live page)

If we really want to increase the link mass and ranking in Google, we need to combine all these methods of getting links in one campaign.

And how do you increase links?

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