How to get a job at Apple


The American company Glassdoor gives recommendations to people who want to build their career in the legendary Apple.

Apple is not just a technology company, it is one of the leading technology innovators in the world. It is also a great place to work. According to Glassdoor, Apple is considered one of the best places to work not only in 2019, but also every year, starting in 2009. Apple employees have the opportunity to work with the most advanced innovative technologies, receiving high salaries and benefits - thanks to employee benefits. on comprehensive health insurance.

So what does it take to get a job in this legendary company? We received information from real employees and interviewees at the company about how they went through the interview, what the process is and how it feels to be an employee of a leading technology firm.

Apple Interview

“The interview process was what you expect from such a company. .... The interview took place all day. It consisted of hourly interviews every hour (11-5). I was asked to solve various problems (your typical algorithm in the data structure), as well as talk about the projects that I worked on. The questions required a lot of thought, but after a while I was able to find the answers. In general, I would say that everything was not so bad. "Interview with a software engineer

“The whole process was professional. Human resources representatives were quick and accurate. Strong emphasis on corporate and work ethics, for example, how you work under pressure, whether you can travel often. 2 months passed from the interview to a job offer. »- Interview with Global Supply Manager

“Asked a lot of troubleshooting questions and what I know about Apple products. Role-play scenario: someone has problems with the iPhone. How would you solve the problem with an external monitor? - Interview with an Apple At Home Consultant

What Apple employees say

“Working at Apple means that the things you work on literally fall into the hands of hundreds of millions of people. This is a lot of pressure to do things right and encourages a person to do a better job in their life. After more than 2 years, I am still amazed at the talent and creativity of the people I work with. ”- Current software engineer

“The company is AWESOME. There are limitless career opportunities. You work with very cool people, and management takes care of your development. You can get coaching, but you never get offended or humiliated. Benefits include options for buying stocks, discounts on goods and discounts on services in many different areas, educational assistance, childcare assistance, paid leave, sick leave and other leisure options, reimbursement of expenses at a health club or to buy a bicycle. "- Current Apple At Home Advisor

“Great team of creative thinkers. Open for feedback (culture of receiving and offering positive and negative feedback). Offers special dining days during busy seasons. Diversity (thoughts, feelings, being) is truly honored and respected at Apple. YOU WILL LEARN MUCH! Great work environment with the ability to switch to a new role "- Current Product Specialist

“Manager support, interesting problems, competitive salary. Really first-class colleagues supported me. I could concentrate on work, as I could not in other large companies, and I knew that my contribution would be important to users. The skills I got here helped me in another job. "- former software engineer

Apple Job Search Tips

Interview Practice - Really Practice

Apple is one of the leading technology companies in the world. Any technical role that you apply for will require you not only to talk about your past work experience and your suitability for your current position, but also to pass certain technical tests that show your suitability for work.


Getting a job at Apple does not always go through an impersonal online application. In fact, of the thousands of Glassdoor users who were polled by Apple, only 55 percent submitted online applications, while the rest approached interviews based on recommendations from employees and recruiters.

This means that you need to contact recruiters, talk with current or former employees, and check your Networking network to find out if any of your friends have professional connections with Apple. Current employees have an incentive to also guide you, because Apple is known to offer cash bonuses to employees who send successful employees. So go out and start talking to people!


Your resume is the foundation on which you base your job application. Make sure your resume is polished, read and agreed upon. Feel free to read your resume to friends, family members and colleagues who can help identify errors. With a ready resume, you will be ready to apply for a job as soon as they are published.

Set alerts

Apple currently hosts over 6,000 jobs on Glassdoor, and new ones are added every month. You can simplify your job search by setting up job alerts, so when new jobs are posted on Apple, Glassdoor will send you an email about it. You can also set job alerts for related jobs at other companies, from software development to UX design.

What you need to know about Apple

Before applying for a job at Apple, it's important to do a study. In such a large company (according to industry resources, as of 2018, the company has more than 132,000 full-time employees), the organization has many career opportunities - from working as a software engineer in Santa Clara, California, to working in an Apple consultant from your bedroom. Check job requirements as well as average salary and typical interview questions for these Glassdoor posts.

Since Apple is always introducing new products, it is important to keep abreast of which products they have just released and which are currently under development. It is also important to look at their news on quarterly reports - for example, Apple just released its second quarter financial performance report for 2019, which showed a decline in iPhone sales, but an increase in iPad sales and wearable sales.

You can also set up a news alert using Google or other tools so that every time you publish important news related to Apple, you can immediately see them.

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