Highlights of choosing a development stack. What language to choose for programming?


What is a stack in programming? What programming language do developers write in?

The development stack is a programming language for sites and applications. To ensure the success of the project, you

must choose the right web development technology stack. To know the most popular programming languages ​​is half the success. In order to answer the question which programming language is most suitable for your particular task, you need to take into account the information from this article and additionally study the following points, which we will discuss below.


Application complexity


The size and complexity of the application and the project itself are very important. From the very beginning, programmers must understand which project they are developing and what the end result is expected. By complexity, websites and applications can be simple, medium, and complex.

Simple applications typically include a few simple landing pages and online stores without any built-in complex features.

Mid-tier applications have some additional features and are usually supported by certain environments. Compared to simple applications, they have to handle more traffic.

Complex applications are built mainly in several programming languages, frameworks and technologies. They have many complex functions, software interfaces and implemented integrations.

In addition, when it comes to tools for developing web applications and sites, it is important to know which solutions can handle large amounts of traffic (streaming video or audio, file sharing, etc.), and which can support low latency data and data. in real time (social networks, electronic medicine, etc.). Depending on this, programming languages ​​are chosen for creating sites and applications.


Optimal timing (time to market - TTM)


Optimal time to market (TTM) is an important parameter for start-ups and small businesses. This implies rapid application development to ensure a high position among competitors in the market and to ensure lower development costs. Using open source technologies and unlicensed tools, if applicable, can speed up the development process or third-party integration and their compliance with specific needs.

Choosing the right programming language for applications and sites also affects the choice of the development team and their subsequent participation in writing documentation, testing, implementation, modification and maintenance of the software product. The community of developers of selected technologies for the web development stack can make a significant contribution to the optimal timing and success of the project.

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Governments, enterprises, and small businesses currently care more about cybersecurity than ever before. Web developers define recommendations for preventing threats and minimizing vulnerabilities, while inexperienced developers try to find the best programming language.

There is a lot of discussion about the most secure programming language. The only conclusion from these discussions is that there is no 100% safe programming language. When it comes to developing web applications, the whole team must ensure security throughout the development process.




The scalability of the web development stack is the ability to meet the requirements of continuous application availability. This is crucial for the further development of services and growth. There are two types of scalability: horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal scalability is the ability of an application to accept and process a large number of requests. This means that the application should run smoothly, even if the number of users is growing rapidly.


Vertical scalability is the ability of an application to expand with new modules or components without sacrificing performance.

It is important to identify specific web development technologies that can meet the needs for vertical and horizontal scalability of the application.



The budget is an important factor, especially for start-up companies that are highly dependent on the success of the first project. The development cost is higher if you choose developed programming languages ​​and technologies, because the number of specialists using them is small. In some cases, it is useful to involve a business analyst who can determine the necessary solution within the framework of an affordable budget.

Choosing a web development stack is critical to business success. This is especially true for start-up companies. The goal is to briefly discuss the main features of the web technology stack and its tasks to minimize the potential risks of developing web applications. You must understand that each of the main points described correlates with the others. Start-up companies should choose a web development stack that matches their budget and project requirements.

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