Google Search Adds Key Points to Search Video


The “in this video” timeline feature in the search is officially available and works for English-language videos on YouTube.

We recently noticed that Google is testing a new video feature called “in this video,” which shows a graph of what happened in a particular video. Google officially launched this feature, calling it “key points in the video.”

What it is? The “in this video” section appears below the video clip in the Google search results. It will show you the subsections of the video in a timeline format, allowing you to click to go to that particular part of the video.


Find content in a video. This helps search engines quickly find content in the video. Google said: “When you look for things like how-to videos that take a few steps, or long videos like speeches or a documentary, Google Search will provide links to key moments of the video based on timestamps provided by content creators . You can easily scan to see if the video is what you are looking for and find the appropriate section of the content. For people who use screen readers, this change also makes video content more accessible. ”

How do my videos show this? Google said it would work for English videos hosted on YouTube, where the creators provided time stamp information in the video description. This feature is not yet supported outside of YouTube, but Google is conducting a survey to find out from the creators of the video about their interest outside of YouTube. The survey form is available here. Those who are not on YouTube will need to tag their videos using the video outline and fill out this form.

Why should this bother us? Google shows a lot of videos in search results. If you are making videos as part of your online promotion strategy, you will probably want to test the impact of how the “key points” work in your search videos. Will these videos have a higher rating, will users with less or more interact with your videos, will the conversion rates of these videos worsen or improve? Be sure to check this out. If you have Russian-language content, then be prepared for an update!

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