Google News for webmasters and SEO. At a meeting in New York Muller voiced three news


Changes touch search by image Google and Google Search Console, which they want to disable. In addition, Google is working on switching the remaining sites to mobile indexing.

On Thursday, a meeting was held in New York, organized by John Mueller, an analyst at Google’s webmaster trends, and Martin Splitt, who is in charge of relations with Google developers.

Muller presented to 25 participants of the meeting the announcement of some changes that will occur in Google.

Image search is changing. Muller announced that image search will be a “big topic” this year for webmasters and the SEO community. He said that instead of thinking about how changes will affect the search for pictures for their presentations, it is better to imagine that you can use the search in another way!

Search engines can start using image search to accomplish tasks, achieve goals, shop online, learn something new and more. Changes in search engine behavior will make SEOs and webmasters think about how they can optimize image search.

Muller did not go into details, but you already need to prepare for the new algorithms of Google Image to optimize your site and follow the news of SEO.

The old google search console is leaving. Google is preparing to remove the old Google Search Console and completely replace it. Google has already deleted several reports and replaced them in the new console. And this will continue.

The new console will no longer report on scan errors, property set functions, Android application functions, HTML sentence report, and blocked resource report. API scan reports will remain.

The old Sitemap report will be disabled, but the new Sitemap report will have more functionality. Google also recommended that webmasters use the Coverage Index report to track URLs, not just a Sitemap report.

Older structured data will not be displayed in the new Google search console, so as not to distract webmasters from critical errors. Google stated that it is committed to providing reports on structured data, adding: “When Google encounters a syntax error when parsing structured data on a page, this will also be reported.”

The old version of the console will cease to exist in March.

Mobile indexing is still ongoing. It’s known that half of Google’s results are now processed using mobile indexing. But Muller warned that Google is working to translate all sites into mobile indexing soon.

Note that 50% of the sites are completely adapted for mobile devices and it is easy for Google to index them. However, the rest have a lot of problems with parity between mobile and regular versions of sites. Google plans to communicate more through the Google search console to help webmasters prepare their sites for indexing from mobile devices.


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