Google News for publishers. How to get into Google News?


Today we will talk about how the site gets into Google News. This is a really great source of traffic and it's a sin not to use it!

How can I get into Google News?

So how to get into Google News? How to get the traffic of the most popular news? It's not always as easy as it sounds. You must remove a few obstacles before you get into Google News.

1. Have a special news site.

First of all, you must have a special news site. You should keep in mind that after submitting an application for inclusion in Google News, the Google team manually checks your site and decides whether you are worthy of being in the News.

And if you don’t have a news site, but just a blog or a news section? Can such a site get into Google News? The answer is usually no. Google does not want sites that are not entirely dedicated to news, for example, commercial sites with a news section. They need specialized news sites whose sole purpose is to provide news and content on specific topics and specific niches.

So this is the first obstacle and perhaps the most important. If you can't fix it, then don't even try to get into Google News.

2. Satisfy the technical requirements

Static, unique URLs

Google requires that your articles and pages of your section have static unique URLs so that an article or section will always be at the same URL. Google will constantly scan it. If you have content with dynamically generated URLs, this doesn’t work well in Google News.

Simple HTML content

Google is trying to index articles as quickly as possible. Therefore, any content that requires, for example, client-side JavaScript or other scripting languages ​​does not work in Google News.

Google search engine has a two-stage indexing process, where the first stage is based on HTML source code, and the second stage is on full page rendering, including the execution of JavaScript. For Google News this does not work. If your content depends on the execution of JavaScript, it will never be visible in Google News. Google News uses only the first stage of indexing, based solely on HTML source code. Therefore, observe the minimum level of JavaScript and make sure that the content of your articles is present in the HTML source code and does not require JavaScript.

Clean code

By pure code it is meant that the content of an article in the HTML source code should be one continuous block of code from the header to the very end. As a rule, this leads to the best and most efficient indexing in Google News. There are many examples where websites put related articles, video carousels, and photo galleries in the middle of the article code — this may prevent proper content indexing in Google News.

3. Optional Technical Details

There are also a few other things that are technically optional, but they do help to quickly raise your content in Google News.

XML News Sitemap

You must have an XML sitemap with specific news, which lists the articles that you published in the last 48 hours, up to a maximum of 1000 articles. We think this is the main search engine for Google News.

The XML news sitemap is extremely important, and you need to make sure you have one before sending your site to Google News.

Structure articles

Google analyzes the structure of articles and the correct markup is important to it. The likelihood of getting to the top of Google News will increase if you follow this.

Useful extras:

There are a few additional steps that will make Google News trust your site.

A. Several authors

Having several contributors to your site is extremely valuable and important. This, as a rule, raises you above all other blogs and small sites.

B. Daily updates

The presence of daily updates is a must! Ideally, several new articles every day, which should also be unique. You can allow any syndicated content, for example, Google News RSS, but most of the content must be own and unique.

C. Unique Content

Try to write as much unique content as possible. For this there is no clear correlation. Generally speaking, we recommend our customers to have at least 70% of the content as unique material that they write and publish themselves, and only 30% of the syndicated content from external sources.

D. Specialized niche / topic

The specialized topic you are targeting will help you stand out in front of Google News. There are many news sites that repeat general news every day. Google News is more interested in niche websites on specific topics, specific areas that can provide detailed reports. So, if there is a very narrow topic that you cover, it usually increases your chances of getting into the news index and getting good traffic.

By following these steps, the news site will be able to get into the top Google News in a short time!

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