Google more often shows thumbnails of images in search results on mobile devices.


Make sure that you enrich your sites with images that match the page’s theme so that they can appear in Google search results.

RankRanger, a provider of SEO tools, reported that Google shows thumbnails of images in mobile search results with greater frequency. Erik Khedekar from MOZ confirmed that he saw a surge of output with preview images on the March 7 search results page.

What is an image preview? The preview of images in mobile search results snippets is when Google displays an image in a separate fragment of the search results that matches the title, URL and text description of the page. Here is an example:


Google statement. Google representatives say: “We are always working on new ways to improve search with useful visual elements, and we encourage site owners to enrich their pages accordingly.”

Why is it important? Imagine that your company is second on the list of search results, and your competitor in third place. Success, right? Not. Your competitor has a preview of the image, but you do not. The user's gaze may miss your number two and go to your competitor because of the image.

What changed. RankRanger reported that the average number of previews of images on the search results page increased from 4 to 5. Here is a chart:



It is also reported that the number of pages with search results with image previews has increased from 40 to 75 percent:



Eric said his data is slightly different, but on March 7 there was a short-term increase in the display of similar results. According to him, previews of images appear on 70-75% of the results pages.

We recently wrote that 5 SEO trends that are relevant this year. Well, the image preview will be the sixth!

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