Google knows about sites hosted on a foreign subdomain


Google is improving its systems to recognize such content and process it accordingly.

Google said that placing content in a subdomain or subfolder of another organization’s website does not contradict its recommendations, it is improving its systems to recognize this content and process it accordingly. The statement was posted via a Google Webmasters Twitter account on August 14th.

Tweet “We were asked if third parties can post content in subdomains or subfolders of someone else’s domain. This is not against our rules. But as practice grows, our systems improve to better know when such content does not depend on the main site, and treat them accordingly. In general, we do not recommend allowing others to use subdomains or subfolders with content presented as if it were part of the main site, without the control or participation of the main site. Our leadership is that if you want to achieve the greatest success with your search, provide value-added content with your efforts reflecting your own brand, ”Google said in a three-part tweet.

Why would anyone do this? Third parties are interested in renting a subdomain of another brand in order to maintain competition in terms of search rankings, which can help them get more traffic and conversions.

Google is figuring out how to handle this. Webmaster Trending Analyst John Mueller talked about this topic during a business day at Google Headquarters on June 28th. Muller said: “I know that leading search engines have been discussing this topic for some time to try to find ways to deal with this accordingly. By “appropriately” I do not mean that we should treat such content as spam and just delete all these subdomains, no, in fact they are not spam. These are just sales pages, affiliate pages that are hosted on another site. Perhaps the right approach is to find a way to figure out what is the main theme of this website, and focus on it, and then leave everything else aside. ”

Mueller then said: “When it comes to quality, we try to look at the quality of the website as a whole. So, if there are certain parts of the site that are really of poor quality ... in general, this may slightly degrade the quality of this site.

Why should SEO promoters care? Caution, brands that are considering using a subdomain of another organization to host their content, Google knows about this tactic! Although this strategy does not currently violate Google’s core principles, the company hints that optimizers "act at their own risk."


For brands that want to lease their subdomains to third parties, Mueller’s statement says that if a third party accepts hosting of low-quality content on a domain, this may affect its rating.

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