Google has updated the search algorithm. There is a chance for everyone!


The goal of the new Google search update is to show more varied results for different domain names.

This week, another Google search update has appeared, dedicated to the diversity of domains in search results.

Google announced this week in its Twitter account that it updated search results to show a more varied issue. This means that Google will strive to show no more than two results for one domain for a particular query in the top results.

More varied Google results. For years, search engines, along with SEO, have complained that Google sometimes shows too many snippets for the most popular search results from the same domain name. When you searched for a specific query, you could see 4 or 5 of the first ten results from one site.

Google in this search update decided not to show more than two results from one domain: “The new change, which is now launched in Google Search, is intended to provide a greater variety of sites in our results.” And he added: "This change means that you will no longer see more than two snippets from one site in our top."

But. Google said it reserves the right to show more than two results from the same domain name when it deems it appropriate. "However, we can show more than two in cases where our systems determine that this is especially true for a particular search," writes Google. We suspect that this is due to brand requirements, so if you are looking for a brand like Amazon, you will most likely see more than two results from amazon.com.

Sub-domains. Google usually treats subdomains as part of the main domain. So, if you have blog.domain.com, it will be considered part of the main domain www.domain.com and will be taken into account. Google said: “A variety of sites tend to treat subdomains as part of the root domain. IE: lists from subdomains and root domain will be treated as one source. ”

But. Of course, Google reserves the right to treat different subdomains differently: “However, subdomains are treated as separate sites for purposes of diversity, when this is considered appropriate,” writes Google.

Only main results. The new algorithm applies only to the main results and will not affect additional search functions, such as top stories, video snippets, image carousels or other vertical search functions.

Why should SEO care? Updates can affect those who want their domains to dominate for specific requests. This is most commonly seen in the reputation management industry, but may also be related to other areas of search. If you have sites with two or more pages that are ranked by the same Google query, you can track and see how this Google update affects these sites.

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