Google has released a new search algorithm and is experimenting with the "Advertising" icon.


The SEO community will be interested in two news of the week - a new Google algorithm and a possible change in the appearance of the “Advertising” (“Ad”) label on the search.

New Google algorithm

Google on Wednesday confirmed that this week has released an update to the main search ranking algorithm.

“Our advice on such updates remains the same,” the company said.


Why is it important. Google makes several major ranking updates per year and confirms very few updates throughout the year. The previous advice from Google was that for sites that showed low search rankings, there is only one solution - improving content. "Over time, it may happen that your content can rise relative to other pages," Google said.

If your rating has really changed lately, this may be due to this broad update of the kernel rating, and not to the technical changes you made on the website.



Goodbye green? Google is testing a black "advertising" label in search

It looks like Google is again trying to tag text ads.


It has been a little over two years since Google last played with the words “Ad” (“Advertisement”), which it shows next to text ads on Google.com. Since February 2017, Google has been using green text and green border to highlight text ads from a regular list in search results. Now it seems that a simpler, more subtle processing of the advertising label is being tested.

On Wednesday, British marketing consultant Darren Taylor, manager of The Big Marketer, noticed “promotional” labels with bold black text and no border. A shortcut appears at the top of the ad, next to the display URL.


Other marketers in the EU region also noticed this.

Google commented: “We are always testing new ways to improve our experience for our users and advertisers, but we have nothing concrete to announce about it right now.”

Why should you care?

It is clear that the big visual difference between advertising and organic delivery will negatively affect the clickthrough rate on ads. Of course, Google does not share this data.

In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) encouraged search engines to more clearly mark ads. Therefore, since then Google has been experimenting with the “Advertising” label in order to optimize it for the benefit of advertisers and in accordance with the FTC requirement.


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