Google content ads will show site visits


Google is testing the ability to display an extension in advertisements that indicates the number of site visitors.

The extension is additionally highlighted with an icon.

Google has several types of automatic extensions that can appear in search ads - vendor ratings, call extensions, dynamic website links, etc. A new version of the extension is currently being tested, which should emphasize the popularity of the site.

The screenshot below shows what it looks like in an advertising snippet for brands.

In the ad, we see a badge that says: “10K + visits this week.” By visits and visits in this case refers to visiting the website, not the store.

It is clear that most likely this icon will attract the attention of visitors and cause them to trust in advertising.

Google did not provide additional information on this issue, but a Google representative at Search Engine Land stated: “We are always testing new ways to improve our experience for our advertisers and users, but we have nothing concrete to announce right now.”

Why should the contestants care? Google always runs tests. This can become successful, that is, presumably, the test success rate is an increasing click-through rate for advertisements with this extension, which will increase the popularity for more popular sites. In the example above, the extension appeared when searching for a brand. It’s not clear to us whether it works on non-branded queries. You may recall another automatic extension that was aimed at ensuring trust in yourself: the number of Google+ subscribers who ordered to live long. Will this latest Google extension become more viable?

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