Google Chrome on Android will provide answers to requests directly in the address bar


Google Chrome on Android will soon receive an update that provides answers to search results without having to send a request.

When users enter requests into the Chrome’s address bar, the responses appear in the section below along with other recommended requests.

"Now, on both the desktop PC and Android, the answers will be displayed in the address bar where you enter a query - are you looking for results about sporting events or instant answers about local weather or translations of a foreign word."

This change is likely to be made because it is user-friendly, but may have long-term consequences for the search.

If users get what they need without sending a request, this update can completely eliminate the need for certain searches. This is like moving from a zero-click search to zero-query answers.

To this end, this change may also affect publishers who typically receive a response to a query in the Chrome’s address bar in a mobile search.

Considering that this feature will be available on desktop PCs and Android, it can have a significant impact on search volume when enough people upgrade to the latest version of Chrome.

Along with this update, there will also be changes to the next version of Chrome to help users manage tabs more efficiently.

On Android, users will be able to organize tabs by grouping them together. You can also send a tab from Chrome on Android to Chrome on the desktop.

Finally, a more frivolous feature will allow users to change the color scheme of their Chrome application on the desktop.

Google says these updates will be released later this fall.

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