Google Adwords News. Good news for local business


Local campaign updates, seasonality adjustments and more.

For the first time, Google announces new updates for retailers and emphasizes that consumers are “looking for offers all year round.”

Some of these ads were published during a Google Marketing Live event last month. Here is a summary of what of these updates is available now or will be soon.

Seasonality adjustments. If you know that you have a sale or promotion, and you expect a jump in conversion rates, now you can use seasonality adjustments to signal Google Smart Bid /

More audience segments in the market. Google has added more market segments in categories such as beauty, sports, education and real estate, including 30 new retail categories. The market audience for a search is grouped based on purchase intent, reported by users when searching or viewing.

Calls for local campaigns. Local campaigns launched last year are one of the automatic formats of the Google campaign and are specifically designed to drive traffic to physical locations. Advertisements appear on Google search, Maps, YouTube and the Display Network.

Soon, advertisers will be able to use local campaigns to forward calls to their offices.

Location groups for local campaign messages. Advertisers can now customize location groups or subsets of their locations to customize budgets and exchange messages with specific locations based on store promotion and sales schedules. Google says that since 2017, the number of requests "for sale next to me" has increased by 250%.

Asset reports for local campaigns. Google also implements asset reports for local campaigns so you can see how your creative elements work — ad headlines, descriptions, and images. Do not expect detailed details here. The asset report ranks items with labels such as “Best” and “Good”.

Why should contextologists care? Amazon may dominate e-commerce, on a certain day, of course, it will reorient the advertising calendars of brands and retail chains, but sales in offline stores still account for the vast majority of purchases. The solution for physical retailers is the area that Google is currently focusing on. This is his answer to the e-commerce giant. Local Google advertising campaigns are aimed at ordinary merchants, who have little resources, but there is an opportunity to please local residents with their goods. Setting advertisements and targeting them to a specific audience that lives side by side is the best that a contextologist can offer for contextual promotion of your business online.

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