Google ads. Ads-chameleons, what they eat


Think of responsive ads as a mix and match game. You enter several headings, descriptions and images, and Google chooses a combination of these resources to work on the Google Network.

Responsive ads give Google the resources it needs to “respond” to different audience intentions and formatting requirements.

Users are provided with uniquely compiled ads based on their search queries, device type, or ad specifications for the site they visit.

When to use (or avoid) responsive advertising

Google is making a clear push toward responsive ad formats, and the resistance of marketers can be worthless. However, here are some things to keep in mind while responsive advertising is still optional.

First, Google’s premise is that with machine learning, it essentially “personalizes” the right message for each user. That is, they were conceived as chameleons, which also adapt to their environment.

But think about how often Google makes dubious advertising decisions. For example, matching the search “soft suitcase” with the keyword “software”. Or showing irrelevant ads when more exact matches were found for a keyword.

Regardless of whether Google’s machine learning is lacking or its profit motives do not match yours, it’s hard to assume that any of these problems will be resolved using the type of advertising that gives Google even more control.

In addition, no matter what ad inventory is used, only one final URL is allowed for each ad. It’s hard to experiment with radically different advertising ideas if the landing page cannot match different messages.

However, responsive ads can still save you time and can outperform existing ads. We’ll look at the specific benefits of responsive ad types below.

Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

Responsive search ads appear on the search network and allow you to enter up to 15 headings and 4 description lines in one ad. Google then selects up to 3 headings and 2 descriptions to display the expanded text ad.

If you have lines of text that must necessarily appear in the ad (for legal reasons or for branding purposes), enter them in the headings H1, H2 or the text D1, since H3 and D2 do not always appear.

If you fix several headings or descriptions in one position, they will change.

Although RSAs allow Google to conduct multivariate ad testing, Google does not disclose the results of specific combined tests.

In other words, even if the aggregate CTR is higher in the responsive ad, you don’t know which asset combinations contributed to its increase. You are also unaware of the impact of specific posts on conversions.

You have the opportunity to see the most popular combinations of search ads that have been run, but they are sorted by impressions, without clicks or other metrics.

Responsive Display Ads (RDA)

As of the end of 2018, responsive display ads are the default type of ads for the Google Display Network.

All the automated announcements mentioned above are almost indistinguishable from their manual counterparts.

RDAs, however, have a distinctive look, which is achieved only through this type of ad.


With the RDA, you can add up to:

• 15 marketing images.

• 5 videos.

• 5 logos.

• 5 headings.

• 5 descriptions.

Unlike traditional banner ads, you do not need to create multiple image sizes. The “responsive” nature of this type of ad automatically matches your ad.

And unlike RSA, you can see asset performance indicators with the RDA. Just click "view asset information" in your ad.

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