Facebook news for SMM promotion

SMM новости

For SMM promotion managers, it is important to keep abreast of and record all changes and updates taking place on the social network.

Today we will talk about Facebook updates.

Chat bots

Facebook will no longer change its subscription messaging rules, which can affect chat bots.

Last month, Facebook announced changes in chatbots permissions and provided pages with time until December 31 to adapt to the new policy.

A policy change would affect the ability of chat bots to send subscription messages.

Subscribing messages are not advertising messages, they can be automatically sent to users at any time, for example, news updates or alerts from applications.

“As we continue to revise our subscription messaging policies, developers giving access to sending messages through app-level permissions can continue to do so until further notice. We continue to urge developers to switch to Page-level resolution, as we are evaluating potential updates to this policy, ”Facebook reported.

Pages no longer need permission to send subscription messages from Facebook, at least for now.

If you have already switched to Page-level resolution, then you are one step ahead. Facebook may still decide to change policy in the future.

Facebook vs Google

Facebook is now testing advertisements in search results, the placement of which is already available to the automotive, retail and e-commerce businesses.

Ads will be displayed to users in the United States and Canada.

Facebook search ads can be expanded to more countries based on the results of this initial test.

It's fair to say that Facebook now offers an ad product that competes with Google search ads.

Companies now have to ask themselves what is beneficial - so that their ads appear in a Google or Facebook search.

How does Facebook advertising work?

When creating a campaign in Facebook Ads Manager, advertisers in the respective categories will see "Search results" as a placement option.

The search results option can be selected as an additional placement when creating news campaigns.

Businesses can not display search ads without ads in news feeds.

By itself, the format of the ad will be similar to the advertisement in the news feeds, containing the same title, image and main text.

Search advertising on Facebook will be displayed either as a static image or in a carousel format. It will be clearly marked with the “Sponsored” tag.

Unlike Google ads, there is no way to select specific keywords or phrases.

Ads will have the right to appear in the search for terms related to the company's offers, both in the main search function in Facebook and in the search on the marketplace.

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