Do not store all the eggs for SEO optimization in one basket


SEO is constantly updated and changed. Therefore, it is important to diversify and not store all eggs for optimization in one basket.

Relying on a single strategy is dangerous, because this strategy can quickly become obsolete.

The importance of diversification in SEO goes far beyond the main text.

Here are some ways to diversify your SEO efforts to earn visibility and organic traffic.

Diversification of content strategies

Content plays an important role in the success of SEO, and it is also an area where diversification is most needed.

A variety of content begins with the audience - you need to diversify the content to reach the entire audience.

If you focus only on people who are willing to buy from you, you will miss a significant part of your audience.


You need to create content that serves all stages of your marketing funnel, not just bottom.

Your audience has different intentions at different stages, and your content must match this particular intention in order to appear in relevant search results.

Content should include blog posts, infographics, podcasts, webinars, e-books, guides, studies, reviews, questions and answers, etc.

These are some examples of the types of content you can create for each part of your funnel and your entire audience.

To cover every stage of your marketing funnel, you need to create different types of content, but this is not the only reason to diversify the content format. Content formatting can play a large role in search visibility and ranking.

When we think of “content”, we usually think of blog posts or written text. However, depending on the purpose of this query, the text content may not have a good rank in the relevant search results.

Carefully review the search results for all the keywords or topics that you are targeting to better understand what types of pages Google wants to rank and diversify your content according to the formats that are currently being ranked.

Finally, you need to diversify content topics in order to expand thematic credibility of your site.

Focusing on only one topic will create a strong link between your website and this topic, but it can also mean that you will have to avoid other potentially lucrative opportunities.

Content and links are driving the search rankings, and diversification in both of these areas is paramount to SEO success.

Diversification strategies for acquiring links

Diversification in link building begins with tactics.

Diversifying your tactics for getting links is especially important because using too much one tactic can quickly lead to an understanding of what you are trying to manipulate with the search, which he doesn’t like.


Take blog comments, for example. Just blowing up every blog section with comments from your irrelevant business link is not worth it.

You probably have some opportunity to use blog comments in your link building strategy. But to be effective, you need to combine this into a larger and more varied strategy.

The plan for acquiring a variety of links is more sustainable and promising.

You should also diversify the types of links to which you are targeting.

You want to target relevant websites in your niche, but this does not mean that you should target only one specific type of site.

There should still be plenty of targeted websites that are also related to your brand, product or service.

For example, a baby care company will be related to many mommies blogs, but hypothetically it will be possible to target other types of sites, such as:

• Resources for parents.

• Niche-specific catalogs.

• Community pages.

• Medical and medical information sites.

• Sites for the development and care of children.

Getting links to various groups of pages on your site will allow you to create a natural link profile and increase your credibility and trust in your domain.


Diversification plays an important role in the success of SEO.

  • A versatile, diverse SEO strategy includes:
  • A variety of content and web pages.
  • A wide range of thematic coverage.
  • A variety of content formats, including several formats on a single page.
  • A variety of target audiences that collectively make up your entire marketing funnel.
  • A variety of strategies for obtaining links.
  • A variety of link building tactics.

In addition, you must work to diversify the entire marketing strategy outside of SEO.

It is always better to increase your audience reach and use as many channels as possible.


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