Contextual advertising for impressions on mobile devices

Contextual promotion in search networks Google and Yandex

Do I need to create custom ads for impressions on mobile devices? After all, Yandex and so it shows everywhere! So start-up entrepreneurs think, who decided to order a context-sensitive promotion in Yandex.

Yes, indeed, simple ads are shown on all devices, but there are nuances that are worth mentioning:

  • Let's turn to the tips of Yandex. Hmm ... It turns out that the CTR forecast is calculated separately for simple advertising campaigns and for mobile. And this means that the recommended rates differ from each other, because the statistics of ad impressions on computers, desktops and mobile phones varies;
  • Customization of mobile advertising is also different in that the texts for ads are made as short and capacious as possible, in order to make it readable for smartphone users.
  • Looks like these advertisements from smartphones in much the same way as on the computer, but there is a convenient opportunity to make a call by pressing the button in the form of a handset without accessing the page of the site's contacts. And this, perhaps, is the most important "feature" of mobile ads;
  • Mobile version of the ad will be shown even if the person has entered the full version of Yandex from the smartphone;
  • It is in mobile ads that it makes sense to use mobile rates to adjust bids. What does it give? As the coefficient increases, the CPC (click cost) increases, but this leads to a significant increase in CTR (conversion). And even if after that reduce the cost of the click, the CTR remains at the same level, because the mobile ad's CTR is always higher than the desktop.

On a note:

It is necessary to monitor CTR, because it is the rating in the ranking of advertisers, which the Yandex system chooses to display.

Some statistics

Every day more and more mobile users go online. According to statistics, they have long been more than 50%. These are active and mobile people who make quick decisions, since it is inconvenient to search and flip through the pages of search results from the smartphone. Therefore, it is important to create a convenient mobile ad that is relevant to the requests of these users.

Correct setting of a mobile advertisement is half the success of an advertising campaign in Yandex. Our specialists will do this quickly and efficiently. I want to set up contextual advertising!

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