Chat bot in contact: why you need it and how to make it without programming skills

how to create a bot in contact

Chat bot - a program that simplifies the work of the administrator or SMM-manager. She communicates with the user and automatically answers routine questions, freeing a mountain of time.

Chat bots are suitable for the mass business segment. Beauty salons, tattoo studios, sushi bars, food delivery. That is, those who have a lot of customers, and who ask the same questions: "Do you have free manicures?", "Can I order rolls from you?", "How much does a tattoo session cost?"

If you do not have a mass stream of clients and each conversation is unique, chat bots will not work for you. For example, marketers or photographers work individually with each client; there can be no single response algorithm.

Chat bots can be primitive or advanced.

Primitive communicate in a narrow circle of commands specified in the database. If the user sends a message that is not in the bot’s memory, he will keep silent or reply with a message, such as “Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to this question, contact our administrator at 222-33-22”

So that communication with a primitive bot does not annoy the user, you can “sew up” the answer options in the program and invite the person to choose one of them.

Advanced chat bots work with the help of artificial intelligence. They do not just react to the words from the list, but pick up the meaning, mood of the message, understand the nature of the question by similar wording and cognates. Unlike a primitive bot, whose mind ends at the design stage, an advanced one learns in the process of communicating with people. The longer a bot exists, the more requests it learns to understand.

Regardless of the type of bot you choose, it will save you time and money, increase profits and speed up customer service.

How to create a chat bot yourself

In order to create an advanced bot, you will either have to hire a programmer, or understand the structure of the site, study instructions and cases, go into the code.

But a primitive bot is created much faster. To do this, you can use a special service: Robochat, BotVK, Chatgun.

Let's look at how to create a chat bot using the example of a Robochat service.

1. Click "Create bot"

2. Sign up with Vkontakte or email

3. After link the community in which you want to make a chat bot. The system will request access to the group - allow, otherwise it will not work to create a bot. After permission, a short instruction from Robochat will come to the community posts.

4. Once the community is connected, the chat bot creation menu will appear. To get started, the simplest one, the "Standard Template"

5. Connect the community in which the bot will work

6. Click on the template. The control window will open. It will contain ready-made action algorithms. The standard template provides a greeting, a response to a subscription, a formal reply, and one unknown command. The text of messages is standard, but it can be edited.

7. Also here you can create a message chain. In the lower right corner of the text box there will be an icon that will allow you to write the communication algorithm.

8. In the left column you can specify keywords and phrases - those that can be sent by a potential client, and the reaction of the bot to them. Be careful: even if one character in the message differs from the words you specify, the chat bot will not be able to recognize them and respond. Therefore, it is better to use several spellings (shellak-shelak, make-up make-up)

Free and in just 8 steps you can create a chat bot that will answer popular questions and advise. And if you get a little longer, you can develop a full-fledged assistant for yourself that will unload you and your employees.

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