CEO promotion. What traffic to the site is needed for promotion on a search engine?


Promotion of any site in search engines should be started with internal optimization - correct prescription of metatags, description, etc., filling the site with relevant content, formation of a sales funnel for “selling” pages.

Next, you need to "drive" to the site targeted traffic. That is, to take measures to increase the number of targeted visitors to the site.

Types of targeted traffic

Direct traffic

Direct traffic - this is when visitors come to the site through a direct link, they pierce in your browser.

How to generate direct traffic?

Example. Many companies use e-mail newsletter. In each letter - useful information and a signature in the form of links to the site. People referred by links will be recorded in the counters Google and Yandex as direct traffic.

Direct traffic usually accounts for a small proportion of traffic. This, in its own way, is an indicator of brand recognition when a user is not looking for a product or service, but knows the address of the brand of interest.

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Search traffic

Search traffic is traffic from a search engine. When a user searches for certain goods or services, he clicks on what the search engine gives him and in the site’s metric it is recorded as search traffic.

How to generate search traffic?

There is paid and free search traffic.

Free - a complex of measures on SEO site optimization, which allows gradually raise your site in the search results (!). It is recorded in the metric as organic traffic.

Paid traffic comes from contextual advertising, which is set up for the company. Advertising traffic is a concomitant main task in the case of selling goods / services and the main one, in the case of contextual promotion in a search engine for information resources.

Reference traffic

Reference traffic is generated from the entire reference volume, posted on various websites and social networks.

What is traffic needed for?

Any traffic is needed to improve the position of the site in the organic search results. Organic issue - this is what we see on the pages of search engines is not marked "Advertisement".

Agree, it is these sites that are in demand and trust of visitors! Therefore, all work in SEO comes down in the end to ensure that the exit and stay in the organic matter as long as possible, because thanks to this, the client uninterruptedly receives visitors to its resource.

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