Advertising in blogs: we analyze the most common mistakes when choosing a leader of opinions

How to choose a blogger for instagram promotion

According to the service GetBlogger, about 80% of bloggers use cheating. Advertising with them will not bring you anything - just because bots and Arabs with Koreans will not buy anything from you. Therefore, read the recommendations below, remember, save - and do not throw money away.

Step 1. Recognize the cheat

The most important mistake SMM-schikov and business owners-to draw conclusions about the popularity of the blog by the number of subscribers. If you saw that a blogger I read dozens, if not hundreds of thousands - not in a hurry to offer cooperation. Perhaps 90% of them are not your target audience.

This does not mean that you need to view all one hundred thousand accounts and check each. Moreover, even this will not give guarantees-bots are harder to distinguish from real people. It is enough to check the activity in the profile, the ratio of the number of subscribers and likes-comments under the posts. If a hundred thousand subscribers posts gain 20-30 likes-this is a clear sign of cheating.

There is no exact calculation formula, but, as a rule, the average number of likes for posts is 5-10% of the total number of subscribers.

Step 2. Number of posts

Note how long and how regularly the blog is maintained. In a few months it is impossible to promote a profile if you are not a celebrity. Many bloggers, of course, clean your account from old posts, but rarely do it dramatically. A good blog must be at least a year old.

Besides, a good blogger posts regularly. Ideally, if every day. Remember that a popular blog is a very time-consuming work that requires a lot of attention. Only regular posting is able to maintain high coverage-such laws in Instagram. If the blogger does not care about it - it is unlikely that he knows anything about professional blogging in instagram.

Step 3. Quality of content

What is important is not so much aesthetics as content. Now for a long time no one subscribes to the half-naked girls from the fabulous Bali, which under the photo two emojis and a wish for a good day. The real audience subscribes to interesting blogs with useful information. With the exception of blogs on the topic of visuals - photography and design. As a rule, these profiles are conceptual and easily distinguishable from standard accounts with photos of cappuccino and "beautiful sunrises".

Step 4. The presence of advertising

Look for, whether there were in a profile advertizing posts, whether there are a lot of them. Rate their design and reaction of subscribers. If there are no such posts or too few, or if they are boring and ugly decorated, do not cause the reaction of subscribers - then you will get about the same product.

Step 5. The activity of the audience

In principle, if the account has passed all of the above tests, it is likely that the audience is alive and active. Although now the trend is that people began to comment less, but the complete absence of comments with a large number of live subscribers - nonsense. Blogs that are interesting will always comment, evaluate, discuss. The more comments - the higher the quality of the blog.

Of course, auto comments from the series "Wow, cool", "Cool photo" - do not count.

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