7 Tips: How to become a cool SEO specialist in website promotion?


Ask an experienced SEO specialist how to become successful in trading, and many will give you similar advice, which we will give below.

Studying the theory, taking SEO marketing courses is not enough. You must hone your craft in practice. This could be your own blog or affiliate site.

You can test your newly acquired knowledge, learned from the experience and ideas of other people, without risking anyone's livelihood. This is also solid advice.

However, how do you determine whether you are going in the right direction? It may be difficult to understand where you have knowledge gaps that impede progress.

The necessary skills for successful SEO are wider than just the ability to evaluate web pages. We must be able to communicate, think strategically.

This article outlines some alternative testing methods for your existing knowledge and the path to perfect SEO.

1. Reddit

You do not need to get acquainted with Reddit, if you are in the digital marketing industry, you are probably already familiar with it. However, you may not know that this is an excellent educational tool, as well as a place where you can lose 3 hours looking at cats.

One of the nicest aspects of Reddit is that there are communities for almost everything, including digital marketing. There is so much information on SEO forums that there’s enough for a whole guide where all the stages of SEO promotion are described. However, this is an English-language platform and you need to know this language.

2. Write SEO guides

Another way to test your SEO methodology is to write a guide for other people. This will help you organize your thoughts and determine where you may lack details in some areas.

The main thing is that you ask other people to use these instructions, where it is written step-by-step SEO website promotion and give constructive feedback.

To create a guide, you will need to have enough knowledge about the subject so that you can step by step tell another about it.

By writing it, you will probably need to research some aspects and inevitably discover other methods to achieve the final result.

This can lead you to find better ways to accomplish your usual SEO tasks.

3. Family education

If you have been working in SEO for some time, there is a high probability that you spent at least one family evening explaining to your relatives that you actually do not work at Google, but the work really relates to search engines.

Use this opportunity to hone your SEO skills by identifying knowledge gaps and improving your communication skills.

When asked to explain how you make a living, you stress-test your understanding of the basics of SEO promotion.

This will highlight any gaps in your knowledge, especially if your voluntary subject begins to ask questions that you feel you cannot answer. This will give you an idea of ​​what you need to study in more detail.

For example, "what is a search engine robot?" You can be sure you know. However, explaining this to someone else may show that you are not as sure of the details as you thought. Understanding what a search bot really is can greatly expand your understanding of technical SEO.

If every question you are trying to answer is used as a starting point for your own learning, you will quickly fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

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Out-of-industry training will also help you learn how to effectively communicate SEO information to customers. As a company that provides SEO promotion services in Kazan, we often encounter a situation where the customer needs to explain how SEO promotion works. Therefore, we understand that it is important to know about common questions about SEO.

Discuss SEO quite a few times with those who don’t know about it, and soon you will have many analogies and illustrations.

4. Learning from colleagues in related fields

Do not work in isolation.

Ask a colleague or acquaintance who is in an adjacent area to give a story about their work. This will help you understand how their profession can affect yours.

For example, if you learn more about PPC, you can understand the funnels of conversion. Ask the developer how the code is displayed, it is very important to increase your level of technical SEO.

Discussing the work of other stakeholders will give you a better idea of ​​how SEO fits into the larger picture of a profitable business.

Whenever someone else’s decision affects your SEO success, ask them why they chose this course of action.

• Why did the developer add this line to robots.txt?

• Why did your boss decide to lower the SEO budget in favor of display advertising?

You will learn more about the pressures, priorities and goals of other teams. In turn, a way to formulate SEO strategies can become more commercially effective.

Organic traffic to a site depends on many elements, some of which are controlled by your colleagues or clients. It is imperative that you understand what it is.

5. Examine the related subject

A great way to become more effective SEO is to learn other disciplines.

For example, exploring databases can help you better understand how a search engine can read, store and serve your content.

Studying psychology, sociology, and political science can help you identify the driving forces that influence search behavior.

Think about how much more convincing your meta descriptions will be when you better understand what motivates a person to make decisions.

Much of what directs organic traffic to a web page is rooted in other specialties.

6. Audit of other sites

Sometimes you need to move away from the projects you are working on and see what other people are working on.

If you know a website in your industry that dominates search results, check it out. Do an SEO site audit. See how they set up the site for SEO.

Do not take the SEO methods of a successful website as the best way to do something, use it as a tip for further research.

7. Learn your SEO tools

Digging through the unused features of your SEO tools may seem like an odd method of learning SEO, but it can be useful to expand your knowledge.

Most tool providers have extensive documentation of the features they offer. Services often add new features.

Whatever their arguments, they obviously considered their use important enough to spend time developing.

Tool updates are usually accompanied by a large number of press releases! Find out why the new functionality was introduced.

Understanding how the software developer intended to use them and what they are for can open up new knowledge about SEO for you.


SEO includes many skills and approaches. It is imperative that we remain open to various methods as user and search engine behavior develops.

Regardless of whether you are new to this industry or have been practicing for many years, there is always something to learn.

Keep your skills fresh and avoid stagnation using new learning methods. Be more effective in your work by seeking inspiration in other areas.

Continually develop your skills. If you do not, it will be easy to stay behind.

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