5 ways to make a dumb site

5 ways to make a dumb site

1. Do not let the guest understand what your site is about.

The site should be a mystery. The element of mystery. When developing a site in any case, do not disclose all the cards at once, on the main page. Let the user wander, look down, look for where the description of the company, a list of services and how to order them.

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2. Update the design no more than once every five years.

Progress is inexorably moving forward, offering new style solutions and modern concepts. Do not get fooled! Stay true to yourself, even if your design is outdated in the past decade. Your job is to find out the cost of developing the site, preferably cheaper, pay once and not think about it anymore. Most users decide "If the company did not bother to allocate money and time to their own website, but even so I will save on it." Let them think what they want! You are just stable.

Take the example of the "October Management Company" in the city of N. As they opened in 2006, they did not update the site. And nothing, work!

3. Natural selection at registration

If the format of the site involves the mandatory registration of the user, let it take him half a day. You should know everything about him: age, gender, weight, Rh factor, religion. All fields must be required. If he is too lazy to fill it all up - let him look for another site. We're not holding anyone here, you know.

4. Confuse the user

Website creation is like Navigation should be so inconvenient for the user to forget why he came. Scatter the site elements in a chaotic manner. Let him jump from page to page, open several tabs, search for a button for half an hour in the section he needs. The site must be a quest, where the user is always the loser. And most importantly - the search section should not be! Do not simplify his task.

5. More creative!

Gif animations, crazy combinations of bright colors, games with fonts - all this gives the site a highlight. The design of "tear out the eye" - was, is and will remain a trend of all seasons from the day the Internet appeared until the death of the Universe. It is stylish, it is relevant, it is creative. This causes the desire to leave after 10 seconds. But we are not fighting for it. The main thing is creativity!

If these options are not for you, and you want to order a website development with convenient navigation and stylish design - write to us!

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