5 ways to increase links to the site


One of the most important stages of SEO promotion is building up links to the site.

According to a SEMrush study of more than 600,000 keywords, links to domains and backlinks continue to be among the most important ranking factors.

That's why link building strategy is vital and therefore you should stick to it no matter what everyone else says or does. You already know that you must have a well-defined audience and create valuable content for it. You also probably understand how important it is to publish this content on third-party sites.

But what else can be used to increase the reference mass?

1. Free tools on your site

Little can be more effective in your link building strategy than an application or tool that will help your colleagues do something or learn something. People tend to refer in their content to the best tools they can find in their industry.

Include free tools in your content!

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Does your industry have unique needs? What valuable tools, calculators and quick answers could you provide to your audience? If they find them worthy, they more often refer to them in their content.

2. Work on broken links

Broken or missing links are a recurring problem for managing link creation.

Broken links are those that, when opened, the user finds a non-existent page or a 404 error message. Such links create problems when ranking in search engines. But you can fix them! Contact website owners or webmasters and ask them to fix broken links. They will fix them, as they want their site visitors to see reliable sources in them.

Link recovery includes sites that mention you, your content, your products / services without linking to your site. Your link request can be met with more resistance than a request to fix a broken link. You may not receive a response from the website manager or your request may be denied in accordance with the linking policy on the website. However, you must make a request and consider yourself a winner if you still get the link.

3. Internal links

Internal broken links can also be a source of problems in the overall ranking of search engines.

To analyze the viability of your internal links, the best tool is the Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools).

In addition, you must include internal links on your pages. If you are posting a new article that has information related to already published pages, make a link to this earlier content.

4. Competitor links

If you are inspired by new content, follow the links of your competitors. Search for relevant articles and ideas that have significant traffic. Write the original part and include these very valuable backlinks as quotations.

5. Crossing links

What sites link to your competitors? Learn about this and build relationships with these websites based on this information. Create content that is more likely to be appreciated (and connected) by them.


Link building is an important part of any site-oriented marketing strategy. A solid foundation requires the creation of high-quality content that your well-defined audience considers valuable. But deep link research will allow you to develop a better link building strategy.

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