5 pillars of SEO


Most companies benefit from SEO.

Every company can benefit from the basic building blocks of SEO.

1. Code. The source code of your website may not increase the ranking in search engines, but without the correct code, the likelihood that you will get any rating tends to zero.

2. Content. The content on your site, as well as the content about your site, should be attractive to both potential customers and search engines. Although there is no need to be overly aggressive in adding key phrases

3. Links. Everyone knows that links are what search engines use as the main relevance signals. But don't think of it as “link building,” as this leads people astray, forcing them to think that they need to create something that automates the creation of links. In almost all cases, this is a bad idea. Building relationships with powerful websites is a proven and reliable way to create long-lasting links that reward sites with links.

4. Communication. Social media is not SEO. But using social networks to interact with customers and influential individuals is one of the best ways to create links that lead to links. Every person involved in SEO or content creation should know about social media marketing.

5. Capture. Having reliable analytics is vital for proper SEO. The ability to determine what works and what does not, is imperative. Not all keywords provide sales at once - but they help with sales later.


The pillars of SEO haven't changed much over the past decade.

Companies that perform all five points better than their competitors are ahead of them.

But for some companies, the resources required for quality SEO are not worth the time and money.

Our experience has shown that not all companies need to implement a full-fledged and reliable SEO program.

We will tell about this in more detail in our next article.

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