14 incredible things that artificial intelligence can do right now


These are all 14 things you can do right now.

Is AI development scary or exciting? You decide.

Today, most are aware that artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a real part of our daily lives. However, many of us would be very surprised to learn about some of the tasks that AI can easily solve now. Here are 14 incredible things AI can do right now.



To read

SummarizeBot is a robot reader. SummarizeBot can currently be used on Facebook Messenger or Slack, and it uses natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.



It may surprise you that along with professional journalists, news agencies such as The New York Times, Washington Post and Reuters also rely on what AI writes. In addition to many standard news with the well-known algorithm “who, what, where, when and how”, artificial intelligence is able to learn and perform more creative tasks - to write works of art. Interestingly, many marketers are looking for AI to compose posts on social networks. In addition, AI wrote a whole novel, which was nominated for a literary prize. https://mel.fm/novosti/3126795-ai



AI can be used as a machine vision to “see” the world, analyze visual data and make informative decisions about what was seen. Today, there are many incredible ways that machine vision is used, including auto-controlled cars, face recognition, payments, and more. In manufacturing, machine vision is widely used to assist in preventative maintenance and product quality control. This sphere is infinite.


Listen and understand

The AI ​​can also hear gun shots, analyzing the sound and warning the appropriate agencies. This is by far one of the most incredible things that AI can do when it just hears and understands sounds. In everyday life, we have our voice assistants on our phones who answer our questions, whether it is a simple question about the weather or the whole agenda. In addition, business professionals really value the convenience, efficiency, and accuracy that AI provides thanks to automatic meeting protocols.



Believe it or not, AI can talk too. While Siri, Alexa, and others can respond to requests for advice, Google Duplex does its best and uses AI to schedule meetings and complete tasks in a conversational manner.



Artificial intelligence researchers are currently producing artificial intelligence tools that can detect types of diseases just by smell from humans. Forbes writes: “It can detect chemicals called aldehydes that are associated with human illnesses and stress, including cancer, diabetes, brain injuries, and detect the“ woody, musky smell ”coming from a person with Parkinson’s disease, even before how any symptoms will be revealed. AI bots can detect leaks of gas or other corrosive chemicals. IBM even uses AI to produce new perfumes.



Now there is a robot that can determine the ripeness of the fruit and even put them in the basket. This is done using sensors and cameras, and the inventor claims that one day he will be able to collect 1 raspberry every 10 seconds for 20 hours a day.


To go

This should not come as a surprise to most, as the AI ​​controls all kinds of movements from autonomous vehicles to drones. Japan also has robots that can generate movement on their own.


Understand emotions

There are AI tools that can track a person’s emotions while watching a video. Artificial Emotional Intelligence works by collecting data from facial expressions, body language, and more. He then analyzes it using a database of emotions to understand them. He then determines the action based on this information.



AI also taught how to play games like poker and chess. And in some cases, artificial intelligence is so good that it can compete with people and defeat them.



The IBM Project Debater has proven that AI can be a great success in discussing complex issues. This AI can not only explore an item; but also generate an interesting point of view and generate rebuttals against the human opponent.



Over the past few years, AI has evolved so fast that it can now create on its own, and these processes are endless. AI can create visual art, write poetry, compose music, and even take pictures. Google AI was even able to create its own AI child, which was able to surpass human counterparts.

Читать мысли

Read a person’s mind

This is truly amazing, AI can interpret brain signals and create speech. This is completely surprising for people with speech impairments. That's why this should come as a small surprise when large technology companies such as Facebook and Elon Musk have their own projects that are being implemented to maximize the potential of AI AI reading.

Предсказать смерть

Predict death

Researchers found a black box algorithm that helped predict a patient’s death better than humans. This was done using ECG results from archived patient data.

Imagine if all these 14 incredible AI skills were combined into one super-artificial intelligence. Scary or exciting? It is up to you.

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