10 tactics for the successful launch of your new site in 2019


You have developed and made a site redesign. What's next?

Regardless of whether you are launching a new site or restarting an old one, you want to launch it with a bang and tell the whole world.

Below we have set out 11 tips on how to announce the launch of your site and get a lot of targeted visitors.

Gather potential customers in advance

Works with new sites

If you are launching a new site, you will most likely talk about it online even before it is ready to launch.

When you do this, people will end up visiting your site.

You can open the landing page to receive email addresses from these people in exchange for being the first to know about the launch.

And you will be surprised by the results.

All you need is a good landing page that tells people about the products / services, their uniqueness and how they help solve a specific problem.

Here is a vivid example, Robinhood, a stock trading application, that has been able to attract over a million users before launch.


It was a simple landing page that helped them do it.

Guest post on the official website

Works with both new and recycled sites

If you launched a new website or changed the design of an existing one, you definitely need to make a guest publication.

What is a guest post?

Well, a guest post is a post for someone else’s blog. The host gets new content for its readers, and the guest blogger gets access to its audience.

By sharing your knowledge with the reader, you gain their trust. In the main content and biography, you can leave a link to the site.

Even if your site is not yet up, you can still link to a landing page to collect email addresses.

A guest blog will not only help you quickly reach a huge and interested audience, but also help improve your site’s ranking on Google.


When you publish on foreign sites, you get backlinks from their sites, and backlinks are ranked number 1 on Google.

And, as you may know, a higher ranking on Google brings the most targeted customers.

Need to appear on podcasts

Works with both new and recycled sites

If you listen to any business podcasts, you might notice how the hosts attract new experts for regular interviews.

Often these experts get a new book, or they recently launched a new product or a new business.

By sharing your thoughts with you, these people not only gain your trust, but also promote their new venture in a non-profit way.

You can also appear in podcasts that your target customers listen to, share some ideas with them and announce the launch of your new site.

You will get a very interested group of customers who are streaming to your site.

It will also help you establish yourself and your brand as an opinion leader in your market.

Lead opinion leaders in your niche

Works with both new and recycled sites

Paying for online influence to promote your brand, product, service, website, etc. is called Influencer Marketing.

Over the past decade, its popularity has increased.

More and more people consume content created by bloggers on YouTube, instead of traditional sources of content such as television and newspapers.

Television and newspapers have huge overheads, which is reflected in their advertising figures, but opinion leaders have virtually no overhead costs and, therefore, provide the best return on the money spent, while providing the same coverage.

After all, the purpose of the site is to attract visitors from Google and turn them into customers.

Blog posting and emailing news to your followers

Works with recycled sites

If you change the design of your website, you can write a blog post that details why you did it, what new features you added to the website, and what benefits they bring to users and readers.

Then you can send an email to subscribers, informing them about the redesign.

Share on your pages on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

Works with recycled sites

This is a fairly common advice, but this does not mean that it is not important.

If you have a significant number of subscribers on any platform, you should publish information about the redesign at least 3 times during the week to reach as many subscribers as possible.

Ask your team to share the news.

Works with both new and recycled sites

After you launch your new website, you'll want to share it with as many people as possible, right?

Why not take the help of your team and ask her to share the news in the social network where they are most active.

An added benefit is that when your website becomes available for social networks, Google sees this and gives you a small SEO boost.


Create a special offer that works for site visitors

Works with recycled sites

If you already have subscribers or a list of email addresses, you can create a special offer and send it to them.

Suggestions that work great:

• X% ​​discount in the store

• Free delivery of all orders made before midnight

• X% ​​discount code in exchange for a review of a new site

Make a video demonstrating the new features of your site and post on YouTube

Works with recycled sites

There is no better way to show your new products than videos.

The video is much more exciting than the text, and allows you to quickly convey your thoughts.

The best way to use video to announce your new website is to show on video:

• How your site looked like before

• How your site looks now

• What prompted you to launch or redesign the site

• New features that you have launched and how they help the user

• Reviews of some beta testers about the new site

The video itself can be ordered from Futureinapps, which is also developing video clips for online promotion.

All you need to do is to post a video on your Youtube channel and promote it using other tactics mentioned in the post, or contact us.

Make a press release and get an advertisement

Works with both new and recycled sites

If you launched a new site, then press releases are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise and get backlinks.

But unlike the good old days, boring press releases no longer work. They are thrown into the trash before you can blink.

Journalists today do not want to read the press release. They want to read the story.

To do this, you will need a clue, an interesting point of view and an attractive headline.

When your press release is ready, post it on your company's blog as a post.

Then you can include the URL of this blog in your letters to reporters. It's hard and tedious work, and you better hire a freelancer.

Futureinapps company is engaged in the creation, redesign and integrated promotion of sites. It's comfortable!

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