10 reasons why in web development Python wins over PHP


When it comes to backend development, PHP and Python web development are the two most popular solutions that companies and developers choose. However, which of the two to choose - remains in question. Despite the fact that a huge number of websites are programmed in PHP, there has been a sharp upward trend in the development of Python over the past two years.

If you, however, tend to choose Python instead of PHP as your preferred language, this article is for you.

Although in the total number of websites developed during November 2018, PHP is far superior to Python, the number of websites that abandoned PHP as a development language was huge - 136.55.

After Python was used by popular products such as YouTube, Instagram, Quora, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Google, Netflix and Spotify, it became a new favorite.

From 2016 to 2017, the annual growth of Python in the US and UK markets was much higher than the growth rate of PHP.

Both languages ​​have their advantages and disadvantages, except for some distinctive features. However, in the recent past, an increasing number of people switched to Python from PHP, thanks to several advantages, such as reliability, improved design and readability, and these are just some of the advantages that the Python programming language provides.

We are going to compare PHP and Python programming languages ​​so you can decide why Python might be the best choice for your IT product.

What makes Python different?

1. Sophisticated design

It will be much easier for you to use Python to write great code than PHP, although it is also possible to write good PHP code.

Python has an architecture by which it can be called a thoughtful and reliable language. PHP does not have these qualities.

PHP is not as elegant a language as Python, although it is fully functional. Any developer who has enough experience creating great software can write a good PHP script. However, to be more flexible with PHP requires a very deep knowledge of the nuances and features of the language.

For an experienced developer, it will be clear that Python is a stack that is easier to understand and use.

2. Python wins in ease of learning

Well, at first glance, it is easy to work with both PHP and Python. Both are fairly well documented. Both of them also have an IDE for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

But that's the thing. If you are a developer, you should think about what can create maximum value for you in the long run. Obviously, you would like to work with a language with which you can establish deep, rich and long-lasting relationships.

From this point of view, Python meets the requirements much better than PHP, since the use of the latter is more complex and not universal. Python is easier to use.

Python wins from PHP, not only because it is easy to learn, but also because of the huge amount of tutorials available online.

3. Improved structure

Although conceptually developers would like to have a choice, in practice they love standards. If everything else is the same, they prefer that everyone work with the same libraries and frameworks.

Python is based on this. He works mainly with Django, Pyramid, Pylons and Flask. Django is usually considered the de facto choice of a web framework in Python. Its PHP counterparts are Kohana, Symfony, CodeIgniter and Zend.

Among the Python frameworks, Django is the clear winner. It is extremely easy to use, safe and fast. It is very stable and reliable and suitable for use in a number of applications. Most new developers prefer to use Django, especially because of the shorter development time and ease of setup.

4. Python more readable stack

PHP is widely documented and follows the classic approach. On the other hand, Python uses fairly strict indent requirements. Arguably, Python is more readable, not only compared to PHP, but also with most other programming languages.

The very philosophy of Python is code readability.

5. Syntax is much simpler than PHP

Python code is easier to understand and write. It does not contain curly braces, like other programming languages, and is easy to understand.

When you write something in Python, it is so elegant that you might unwittingly want to show it to others. As a rule, this does not apply to what is usually written in PHP web development.

6. Simpler and easily accessible tools Debugging tools

Python has a great developer ecosystem and easily accessible debugging tools for the language. Using these tools is quite simple. The stack provides developers with the Python Debugger (PDB), a fairly powerful debugger that is easy to use and so well documented that even beginners can understand it.

PHP also offers a debugger package called XDebug, which is great. The only advantage Python wins is that it requires less debugging tools than PHP.

7. The clear winner in package management

Package management serves as a link between different projects. With it, you can write, create and share packages in a format that other developers can easily connect to other applications.

Package management exists in PHP, but probably there is no such code base that is used to the extent that it does PIP (a tool for installing and managing Python packages).

It allows you to install, delete, update and use a wide range of sources for internal and external libraries. It is rare to find a list of all third-party libraries and version numbers used, recorded in one file.

8. Python-provided lambdas give an advantage over PHP

Lambda is a subroutine or function that is defined and called without reference to an identifier. This is a block of code that can be passed and executed later, one or more times.

Using lambda expressions, you can declare functions anywhere in the code, they are easy to create. Therefore, Python developers love to use Lambdas.

Previously, only the function 'create_function' was available in PHP, which actually did not replace Lambdas in Python.

9. Python is more versatile than PHP

Python is a universal programming language, almost endless. Python website development is not the only thing a stack can do. Machine learning, NLP, data science, image processing, and the development of desktop and mobile applications are just a few examples of using Python.

PHP can be used for other purposes, but it is designed specifically for creating web pages, and this is what it does best. This is a complex programming language designed to create complex web programs.

10. Huge support and community

Over time, Python has become “cooler” than PHP, in terms of its versatility, modernity, simplicity, elegance and ease of use. Since Python has extensive use areas - like development, scripting, scientific use, etc., a huge community has sprung up around it, with which developers get tremendous support.

In addition, there is the Python Software Foundation. This foundation seeks to "promote, protect the Python programming language, and support and promote the growth of the international community of Python programmers."

PHP, however, also has significant support, and the developer community around it, but compared to Python, is much smaller.

Summing up

Python helps you create more reliable code that can be used for different areas.

Both Python and PHP are supported by large communities of carefully designed documentation, but Python is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Numerous factors, such as code simplicity, generic usage scenarios, modularity, and countless libraries, are the reasons why the developer, as well as companies, love Python.

Ease of use and adaptability facilitate development, allowing you to effectively achieve your stated programming goals.

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