10 events that will affect on business in 2018

10 events that will affect on business in 2018

1. Distribution of voice services

Their complexity, diversity and quality will double in 2018. Those companies that will not develop voice services and leave them at a primitive level will become outsiders in the market.

2. The laws on the commercialization of the IoT data

In the us, 45% of businesses are already actively using information from IoT devices for additional earnings, but only 35% of companies in France and 38% in Germany use this data for commercial purposes. 

3. More and more brands will be sold through virtual assistants

Integration of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant into various devices will lead to the fact that marketers will change the approach to communication with users

4. IoT devices will learn how to analyze the data they collect

In 2018, there will be a turning point when the final IoT devices will learn to analyze the data they collect for their use in the business process.

5. Amazon, IBM and Microsoft monopolize cloud services for IoT platforms


6. There will be specialized IoT platforms for certain types of business

7. Competition in the IoT market will increase

8. The emergence of public IoT platforms

9. The Internet of things will be the target of destructive cyberattacks

10. The number of blockchain-based IoT platforms will reach 5%