Raise your authority from your knees! SEO. Rating of trust, credibility and search


If search engines can decide to trust links or social accounts or not, can they learn to trust websites? Absolutely. Many seo-optimizers believe that trust in a site plays a big role in whether a site will be successful or unsuccessful from a search point of view.


Is your site authoritative? Is he a widely recognized leader in his field, field of activity? If not, the goal is clear!

No one knows exactly how search engines count credibility, and, in fact, there may be several “authoritative” signals. The type of links that your site receives from other sites or from reputable social network accounts. Engagement metrics (how many visitors are there on the site?). All of this can play a role in determining the authority of the site. Of course, negative moods and reviews can hurt him.

Google itself rejected the idea that sites can have credibility, although he also said that pages can.


A quality website should provide constructive interaction with users. Search engines may try to measure this interaction in various ways.

For example, how long do users stay on your page? They searched, clicked on your list, but then immediately “returned” to the results to try something else? This behavior can be measured by search engines and can be a sign that your content is not attractive.

Social gestures, such as comments, promotions and likes, are another way to measure engagement.


Since search engines regularly visit your site, they can get an idea of ​​what is “normal” or how you behaved.

Do you suddenly connect with those sites that search engines call "bad areas"? Do you publish content on a topic that you didn’t usually cover? Such things can cause alarm in Google.

For a site with a history of breaking the rules and getting a few fines, it may be more difficult to return to search results.

After all, a good overall track record can advance your site's organic issue. The new site will have to spend a lot of effort for several weeks, months, or even longer to gain respect.

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