Landing SEO optimization


Remember the boom of one-page books? Thousands of shops opened all over the country, and the trade went briskly, as one-stoppers brightly and correctly showed their "unique" goods purchased for Alyexpress.

It was a golden time for beginners. At business trainings, they only said that about land-page. Each graduate could open his store copies of watches or bracelets, and still sell once a year a crane, having agreed with the manufacturer. But here, the landings became more and more, they began to bring in incomes less and less. Maybe by this time there were too many graduates of business trainings?

Today, we can still find single-page sources, but they remained popular only in information technology. People have now realized that it is also possible to buy cheap on Aliexpress themselves, in addition, the guarantees written for a one-stage copier are not credible to everyone. However, there will be land-page pagers, and they work in ... context. In organics, you will not see them, because for organic we need multipage.

Many companies use landings as a business card site. However, even they make inside links to additional pages.

Why do single-page works only in context?

It's simple! For SEO promotion, you need many relevant pages that answer many questions. One-stage is not suitable here, since it only has one page. A single page can drive traffic for a limited number of key queries. Nevertheless, if you have a unique product and service - it is necessary to "paint" the page correctly, to make it as relevant as possible to the request. And it is better, nevertheless, to create additional pages for each request or to set up contextual advertising that works for all sites, excluding those that offer prohibited types of goods / services.

How many pages should be on the site?

So, we found out what the search engines like, when the sites respond to the maximum user requests.

How many pages should I work on? The answer is that the more, the better. Ideally, you first need to collect all the thematic queries in a special service, for example, in the Cayeconsole, and then for each group of similar queries, write texts and create pages.

How do I fill in these pages?

Pages in SEO optimization are needed for ranking in search engines. To fill them up, you need only relevant text.

For example, you sell legal services.

It is necessary to collect keywords for each type of services, group them and make a page for each group, which will reflect topics from the key words: "legal advice for legal entities", "how to open LLC", "lease agreement is correct", etc. It should be noted that even if you are loved by search engines, thanks to the use of key words in the texts, it is important that these texts are meaningful and useful, otherwise users who have logged on to your site will refuse to visit it again, and the search engines will notice and "dislike" you.


SEO Optimization for one-page books is a negotiable thing, if the site is unique, it represents a unique product / service / company. Nevertheless, it makes sense to expand the one-page with additional links to the blog with thematic articles.

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