Smart TV Application Development

Do you want to hit the TV?

Smart TV is what will replace gaming consoles, cinemas, analog television and will become as powerful a tool as a smartphone or computer.

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Why do the customer choose us?

То order a TV application developmentAny Smart TV platform

Samsung, LG, Rokku, Apple, Sony, Amazon Fire TV - these are the platforms on which we can develop an application and this list is supplemented annually with new platforms

Flexible architecture of a TV applicationFlexible architecture

We can easily extend the functionality of the application due to the modular architecture

Thoughtful interface of a TV applicationThoughtful interface of a TV application

We will tweak an interface of the TV application under the eye and remote control of your target user

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What do we do?

Technical task developing for the Smart TV application creationWriting of a technical task

A technical task is an important part of the smart tv application development process. It helps for us to transform brief to the ultimate task, which realization will turn to new, qualitative and effective product for you and your business

Developing prototype of a Smart TV application designDeveloping prototype of a Smart TV application design

The prototype of a TV application is different from the prototype of a mobile or web application. Each TV platform has its own design guidelines that need to be followed in the process of creating an application.

A functional structure of the Smart TV applicationDesigning the functional structure of a Smart TV application

The TV application project is creating on the basis of known programming patterns. This allows not only to speed up the development process but also to make the code readable both for us and for third-party programmers

A design creation of the TV applicationTV application design development

At this stage, our designers carefully select the color gamut of the application, draw the icons of the buttons and think over animations of transitions between its screens

Writing the programming code of TV applicationWriting the programming code of TV application

The modules which we developed over the years make the development process quick and painless, and the code is readable and fast to execute

Publishing to the TV application storePublishing to the TV application store

In the application publishing process, we carefully prepare the description, videos, and screenshots that the user will see before it downloading

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