Development of complex IT solutions

Comprehensive development is when all at once

We create ERP & CRM systems, big portals and high-load services

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Why do the customer choose us?

Development of IT products is our gameThat's our game

A large number of completed projects allows us to avoid "rakes", on which are regularly treading on by others

A big base of own developmentsA big base of own developments

We have accumulated large baggage of programmed, time-tested modules that allow us to create high-quality IT solutions in a short time

Debugged business processes of an IT product developmentDebugged business processes

We are an optimized conveyor that is focused on fast and high-quality manufacturing of a unique IT product

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What do we do?

Technical task developing for the creation of a comprehensive IT productTechnical task developing for the creation of a comprehensive IT product

On this stage, we form "graal", which will be used by all who creating this IT product

Prototyping of a comprehensive IT product Prototyping of all components of the service

At this stage, we create a schematic representation of all components of the ecosystem. It is important to think through all the scenarios of user behavior, especially when moving from one application to another

Designing of an ecosystemDesigning of an ecosystem

The project of a product is a technical "business plan", which takes into account absolutely all the factors that can influence the product in an optimistic or pessimistic way

Drawing of an layout design of the comprehensive IT solutionDrawing of an layout design

In any application of an ecosystem, the integrity of the interface should be viewed. This will allow the user not to get lost in the wilds of application functionality

Development of applications for the comprehensive IT solutionDevelopment of an applications

At the designing stage, we divide the entire service into micro-modules, which are programmed and covered by tests separately, after which the finished modules are assembled into a single structure. This approach is particularly well suited for the rapid upgrade of the product

Extensive testingExtensive testing

The more complex the IT product, the more pitfalls that we identify and eradicate at this stage

Continuous modernization and improvement of functionalityContinuous modernization and improvement of functionality

We can't allow the product to become obsolete. Therefore, we move on the phase of regular updating of the existing and development of new functionality

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