Smart assistant for the advertising sales department

Smart assistant for the advertising sales departmentDescription

Task: the local TV channel wanted to reduce the burden on consultants and coordinators, to whom most of the clients turned. They noticed that most of the questions are typical and the coordinators answer them with the same messages. They wanted to make themselves an online assistant and turned to us.

We have collected all the detailed answers, made a Word to Vector model out of them and trained the annoying model from Spotify to select the most appropriate answer for the question. It was important to implement the functionality so that the client could call a person at any time or make a purchase directly from the chat, so we added a classifier that distinguished the client's requirements related to the purchase of an advertising placement from questions and from the requirements to call a person. As a result, the average response rate to the question became close to the usual offline request for help in the store, and consultants began to deal more with new, complex and atypical questions, and the company now saves all questions and answers for machine learning.

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