Site for the restaurant and bath complex "Pir & Par"

Site for the restaurant and bath complex "Pir & Par"Description

The customer needed a unique site for Kazan with elements of the interior and decor of the institution. An important factor was the high convenience of the site, the ability to get from anywhere on the site in the necessary section in a maximum of two clicks. The design of the interface used processed photo institutions and decor elements of the establishment.

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The template site is obsolete on all parameters of consumer goods, which reduces the effective presence of your business in the network to no. It limits the scaling of functionality, and search engines, from a large number of the same templates, simply cease to prioritize indexing such sites and many other negative factors that will not load you. We develop sites with a unique design, code that is written manually and only for you, supplementing the ecosystem with a convenient admin panel containing only the necessary functionality. The site that we will create for you and your business will definitely improve the status of the brand, it will be able to properly present information about your product or service to a client who simply can not refuse your offer.

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